An Invitation

Jan 04, 2016

Take a look at the world today and you will see a society that is influenced by an enemy that seeks the breakdown of marriages. Divorce is common, immorality is everywhere and many marriages today are a far cry from what God intended for this sacred institution to be. But that doesn't have to be the case for our marriages. As husbands, we have a call and a responsibility to be the spiritual head of our homes. It is a call that is doable and a responsibility that is an honor to fulfill. I have seen God work in my own marriage in so many ways that I am continually inspired to see Him work even more. This year I want to commit to praying and fasting for these five points regarding my role as a husband.

Serve Her: My wife is not my mission field in the sense that I should be trying to change her into who I think she should be. I want to serve her better as her husband, her lover, and her friend.

Love Her: I want to love and support my wife better so that our marriage reflects the love that Christ has for the Church.

Honor Her: I want to honor my wife's emotions better by being a safe place where she can share her feelings, without me trying to solve her every problem.

Respect Her: I want to respect my wife better by learning to appreciate the unique talents, gifts and perspectives that she has. Couples should complement one another and not be in competition with each other.

Listen to Her: I want to be a better listener. I want to listen to my wife with my heart and not just my ears.

This is what I, along with several other men, am committing to fasting and praying for during the first week of every month. At any time during the first week we set aside one meal to fast and pray for our wives. Can you imagine the spiritual legacy and breakthroughs that will result from a group of committed husbands who are willing to do this? I can, and that is why I invite you to join us in praying and fasting once a month for the gift that God has entrusted to us - our wives.