Land of Canaan

Jan 18, 2014

I am sure that some of us have heard some version of the following saying:

"The Israelites were delivered from Egypt but Egypt was still in their hearts."

As we read in the Old Testament, we know that Canaan was set aside as His promised inheritance for the children of Israel. Canaan was a pretty awesome place as it was a land that was flowing with milk and honey and I'm sure some other amazing things as well. Yet, even with this promise, there were times when the children of Israel longed for their past life in Egypt.

This example can be used to highlight our pursuit of greater purity in a world of overt sexual bombardment. Many men may be removed from their own personal Egypt (visiting areas of immorality, no internet access, etc.), but the desires of their heart still yearn for the land of slavery - the old man yearning for its desires. In my own life I have seen great transformation take place as it relates to areas of purity and wholeness. Has it been because I have been removed from Egypt? Yes, but that's not all. I had to learn to not only be satisfied with being removed from Egypt, but I had to continually ask Him for a greater revelation of and desire for the Land of Canaan.

As my new identity in Him became more and more real to my heart and mind, the memories of Egypt became more and more distant. As men pursuing purity, let's desire the Land of Canaan - His goodness, His righteousness, His grace, and His love – and let's leave behind the land of slavery once and for all.